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»Germany is a Bridgebuilder«

01/11/2005 | by Shimon Stein | Eastern Arabia/Israel, German Foreign Policy

40 years of German-Israeli Relations: Israel’s Ambassador to Germany Shimon Stein talks to IP

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The Israeli Image of European Antisemitism

01/08/2004 | by Avi Primor | Israel, Conflicts and Strategies

Many Israelis avoid traveling to Europe out of fear of antisemitism there, just as many Europeans avoid visiting Israel out of fear of terrorist bombs. Yes, there is antisemitism in Europe, but there is also a certain Israeli magnification, sometimes ingenuously, sometimes intentionally, of European hostility to Jews.


Time is Running Out
01/05/2004 | by Felix Neugart
Since the end of the war in Iraq last year, a new wave of violence has dashed for the moment any hope for a quick negotiated breakthrough in the prolonged guerrilla war between Israelis and Palestinians. The resignation of moderate Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmut Abbas last September after only half a year in office showed that the attempt to isolate the recalcitrant Palestinian Authority President Yasir Arafat through external pressure in 2003 misfired.
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