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Britain Outside Europe? The US View
Britain Outside Europe? The US View

UK withdrawal from the EU would be a double loss

25/11/2013 | by Jeffrey Lightfoot, Tim Oliver | Europe, European Union

Britain is one of the United States' most important relationships, but Britain's position within the EU is central to its importance. A UK exit from Europe would weaken the geopolitical position of Britain and change the EU and Europe in ways which could be detrimental to US interests.

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Goodbye? Hello!
Goodbye? Hello!

Those who wish for Great Britain to remain in the EU should advocate for reforms in Brussels

11/01/2013 | by Will Straw | United Kingdom, European Union

David Cameron has delivered his long awaited "speech on Europe" and announced that Britain will hold a referendum on EU membership. Despite recent warnings by the US administration against Britain leaving the EU, the British public seems more skeptical than ever. The debate about British relationship with Europe will continue at these new heights until the citizens vote. The clear “in or out” option could help mobilize a coalition of EU supporters, and reforms in Brussels would help the European cause in the UK.


Goodbye London
If Britain insists on leaving the Union, it should do so gracefully
29/11/2012 | by Roderick Parkes
British elites have quite suddenly become comfortable with the idea of the UK exiting the European Union in the next few years, and their counterparts on the European mainland seem to have accepted the prospect as well. Continental leaders will not bear Britain ill-will for leaving, at least not if London does it right.
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London Is Calling, But not Getting Through
Germans prove to be less than receptive to British efforts to debate Europe
26/10/2012 | by Almut Möller
Londoners are flocking to Berlin these days. During the last two years the Brits calling Berlin or stopping by to chat with Berlin’s political analysts seemed to mostly come from the financial sector. But as eurozone governments have begun transitioning from crisis mode into the messy business of sorting out the longer-term fixes, it’s now Britain's politicians who are showing up in Berlin to discuss Europe.
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The British Question
Does the United Kingdom have a European future?
27/08/2012 | by Hans Kundnani
There is now a real chance the UK will leave the European Union. As the eurozone begins a process of accelerated integration and British Prime Minister David Cameron comes under increasing pressure from Euroskeptic Conservative MPs and public opinion, a moment of truth may come sooner rather than later. Crucially, the British question will also depend on choices the eurozone—and Germany in particular—make in response to the euro crisis.
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Violent Islamists in the UK and Europe
The British government’s complacency is not warranted
01/02/2005 | by Alex Alexiev
The Muslim Council of Britain, the best known Muslim umbrella organization, touts itself and is touted by British officials as a model of moderate Islam. Yet a large majority of its “affiliates” are extremists. These include scores of Deobandi- and Ahle Hadith-controlled organizations.
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