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Hypersonic Weapon Systems Will Decrease Global Strategic Stability – and Current Control Regimes Won’t Do

14. March 2019 - 0:00 | von Torben Schütz

DGAPkompakt, Nr. 4, 14. März 2019, 6 S.

Kategorie: Sicherheitspolitik

Hypersonic weapon systems will alter the global strategic landscape. They will compress reaction times, increase ambiguity of military actions, and may lead to the weaponization of space. With no effective defenses against such systems in sight, all actors will face less stability – regardless of whether or not they field hypersonic weapon systems themselves. Germany and Europe should explore options to mitigate these risks through arms control, export controls, and confidence-building measures.


Test des Hyperschall-Waffensystems X-51 der US-Armee

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