Zeman’s presidential victory highlights Czech divisions on EU

Presidential poll shows strength of backlash against liberal Europe

29. January 2018 - 0:00

Kategorie: Wahlen, Tschechien

From the article in Financial Times: “‘It’s not just a victory for populism over liberalism in the Czech Republic. It’s also a sign that there is a part of Czech society that wants to be protected,’ said Milan Nic, from the German Council on Foreign Relations.”

“‘Zeman’s victory is another milepost in the shift in central European attitudes towards the EU and a sign that there are not many figureheads within the region who are easy partners for western Europe. It will make the EU’s east-west divide more pronounced.’ Although the Czech presidency is a largely ceremonial position, the president plays a key role in the formation of new governments - which has taken on additional significance as Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš struggles to form a government. Mr Zeman has already said that he will give Mr Babiš - who failed in his first attempt to win a confidence vote earlier this month - a second shot at forming a government, and he reiterated this stance after his victory on Saturday.”

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