Europäische Union

Die Europäische Union ist ein Staatenverbund aus 28 europäischen Ländern. Außerhalb des geographischen Europas umfasst die EU Zypern und einige Überseegebiete. Sie hat insgesamt mehr als eine halbe Milliarde Einwohner.

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Pushing the EU to a Hamiltonian Moment

Germany’s Court Ruling and the Need to Build a Fiscal Capacity Force a Constitutional Debate

The recent ruling of the German Constitutional Court on the ECB was an economic and political bombshell. The deep controversy that resulted – within Germany and on a European scale – illustrates that the ambiguity surrounding the euro area’s legal order and architecture may have reached its limit. The ruling, combined with the plan to build a fiscal capacity to address the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis, presents the EU with an important opportunity to complete and solidify the euro area. 


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